About Jane

Jane Thompson was born and raised in the country on a sheep and cattle property in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, Australia.

An avid explorer, Jane has lived and worked in many places throughout Australia, including Broken Hill, the Kimberley, Canberra, Sydney and now Brisbane where she lives her with two young children, one husband and one mischievous Beagle.

Jane’s artwork is vibrant and full of moving energy. She is inspired and fascinated by the energy we create as human beings through our emotions, our intentions and our experiences. By tapping into the space that exits between thoughts, Jane seeks to express the emotions of the moment where the visual language evolves both from within and in response to the immediate mood of the environment.

Working predominantly with acrylics, wax pastels, oil sticks and charcoal, Jane enjoys creating with fast drying materials as they enable her to capture the energy and freedom in the spontaneous moment. For Jane there are no rules, no boundaries, no expectations and no plan of what it ‘should be’; the process is both open and guided by the energy of the creation and the energy from Jane herself.  An unfolding dialogue where all manner of thoughts and experiences are shared.

Through her spirited approach, deliberate use of contrast and expressive gestural marks, Jane’s art evokes optimism, bold inspiration and personal reflection. Ultimately she seeks the engagement of the audience on an emotional level; the uplifting energy and joy that arises through colour and connection. You have to feel it.

And the process absolutely always involves music!