About Jane



Jane Thompson was born and raised in the country on a sheep and cattle property in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, Australia.

Working predominantly in acrylics, wax pastels, oil sticks and graphite, Jane enjoys creating with fast drying materials as they enable her to capture the energy and freedom in the spontaneous moment. For Jane there are no rules, no boundaries, no expectations and no plan of what it ‘should be’; the process is both open and guided by the energy of the creation and the energy from Jane herself.  

An avid explorer, Jane has lived and worked in many places throughout Australia, including Broken Hill, the Kimberley, Canberra, Sydney and now Brisbane where she lives her with two young children, one husband and one mischievous mixed breed dog Gus.

Jane adores nature and the country landscape where she has spent much of her life, however living in the city for the last 15 years has meant her creative style and influences has slowly shifted towards more arbitrary urban and social themes. The everyday in the city, meshed with her love of music and the freedom of growing up in the bush.

It is important to Jane to be able to express the feeling of an experience and place. An estimation of what it is to be human, her artwork focuses broadly on the hopes we have in the familiar, the ones we have for the unknown and more recently the influence of social and natural environments on our identity and well-being.

Jane has also enjoyed success in various emerging art prizes and several solo and group exhibitions in Australia. She is also looking forward to an upcoming International Exhibition at the Affordable Art Fair in Brussels where she will be represented by her Italian Art Gallery, Young Art Hunters.